Marine Corps Tankers Association


Welcome to the Marine Corps Tankers Association – MCTA

The MCTA was formed as a non-profit, 36 years ago in 1973 at Carlsbad, California. The original members were a small group of retired Marine Tankers. All were senior staff non-commisioned officers. Most of them were survivors of tank combat during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. These men had a desire to stay in touch with former comrades-in-arms, meet new tankers, remain in touch with friends and show support and encouragement to active duty Marine Tankers. The Membership includes warriors who have participated in every battle where Marine tanks were committed in support of a Marine infantry unit.

Helping Marines
Fourteen years ago the Board of Directors determined a need to develop a program to financially assist needy and deserving members or their families in obtaining a higher education. To this end, our scholarship committee has selected and awarded over three hundred thousand dollars in scholarships to deserving applicants. This has been possible through the hard work and dedication of our membership.

If you would like to apply for the John Cornelius / Max English Memorial Scholarship, please visit our scholarship page.

The MCTA’s efforts to support the educational pursuits of Marine Tankers and their families is funded in its entirety by generous donations from our Membership and supporting Corporations and Organizations. Information on how you or your Company can assist in promoting the educational future of our Veterans and their families through tax-deductible contributions can be found at “Support the MCTA” menu at the top of this page.

Using this Site
In addition to providing membership and scholarship information, the MCTA web-site includes historical and current information on Marine Tankers, their vehicles and news related to the United States Marines and Armed Forces.

Contributing Editors and Submissions

If you would like to become a contributing editor, or just have information to share please contact us.  Accounts can be set-up for MCTA members to post directly to this board, or information can be e-mailed to the MCTA and we’ll post it for you.  The quality of information provided on this board is from your contributions and involvement.

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